6 Things You Can Do Without Leaving Your Couch

If you have a tendency to get separation anxiety whenever you leave your couch, you don’t have to stress again. Below, we have some cool, easy ways for you to make money straight from the comfort of your precious couch. These are great if you need a few extra bucks, and dread leaving the sofa.

Mobile casinos

Are you an unsung gambling pro? Aristad’s unknown prodigy? If you have what it takes, and want to make big bucks, try using your mobile to play on the casino online. Yep, online gambling on your cell phone. Springbok Casino or Yebo Casino, amongst an abundance of others, they’re there for you to prove your worth, and make a killing! Good Luck.

Selling stuff on eBay

Yes! The most legendary online marketplace in the world. Here, you can connect to an innumerable amount of buyers and, you can sell whatever you want. Whether, it’s that one sock whose partner you cannot find, or Donald Trump’s last fart before he became the President of The United States. Jokes aside, if you wish to get rid of junk that you know people need, eBay is the place. A simple Google search of “How to sell on eBay” will unleash a flood of knowledge, from beginner tips to advice on shipping and, strategic keywords to help place your ads at the top, and the bucks rolling in.

Taking surveys for websites

Surveys? You can get paid to take them, you know? Another method of making money straight from your sofa is filling out questionnaires on behalf of companies. Companies are always searching for data that they can get from customers. You can fill the gap, and answer questions, making a healthy bit of extra dough. Sites like surveywell.co.za offer up to R500 per survey. Make sure the sites you sign up to are free, though!


If the guilt of enjoying your couch a bit too much gets to you, and you work out, or would like to start working out. Do so. And get paid for it. The app, Gympact lets you set work out goals, daily or monthly, and get paid to achieve them. The downside? If you don’t work out, you have to pay other users who have worked out that day.


Do you like writing? Expressing your own opinions about stuff you love? Start a blog, then. Write compelling stuff, gain an audience, and get paid. Depending on the views your blog gets, companies may be itching to pay you good money for you to advertise their products.


Have some extra, dormant knowledge? Like, fractions, or differentiated calculus? Educate people and earn money. Plenty of school children are always looking for a bit of extra help with their schoolwork, and are willing to pay great rates.