Casino Gaming And The Use Of Bitcoins In Their Operations

In any partnership, the parties have to agree on everything and one partner cannot assert his authority over the other without the other party agreeing to the proposal. The same thing happened with Vera John, which is an online casino. When there was a proposal that the casino should start making deposits and withdrawals, the partners Vera and John had to agree on this issue. This made the casino the first regulated and licensed casino to operate using bitcoins. Bitcoins have been in the market since 2008, and their market value has grown over the years. Transacting with bitcoins is cheaper for both the businessmen and the buyers. Another advantage of using bitcoins in transactions is that there is no third party involved. This means that the transaction will only involve the two parties transacting. There is no central body to regulate this mode of payment.

The players can enjoy quite a variety of games in this casino. The same slot games that they enjoy playing in offline casinos can be found in this online casino. When you are a new member, it is even better because you get up to 100% bonus.

The system works in such a way that when customers deposit bitcoins at Vera John, they are sent to Coinapult. At Coinapult, the bitoins are converted into Euros and then deposited into their accounts in Vera John. Unlike other online casinos, at Vera John you can pay even for those games that exist on this site. It is virtually everything that you love when it comes to casinos. The bitcoins are not held by the company that eliminates any chances of risks. When customers make their deposits in bitcoins, they are converted into real time using the current exchange rate for Euros.

Bitcoins have influenced a lot of innovations. The Satoshi Slot, for example, is a casino game that is based on the bitcoin theme. Everybody is exited to use the bitcoins and the casino could not deny its members the advantages that come with using bitcoins. The casino loves innovations and this just proved to be a real investment. Other casinos operating online will follow suit.

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