iPhone Games For When You’ve Got Some Time To Kill

If you’re waiting for a bus, stuck in a queue at the shops or just arrived at the pub earlier than all of your mates, you’re probably going to want to have something to do to keep you occupied while you wait. Thank goodness for smartphones, hey? Here are some of the best iPhone games you need to download for when you have some time to kill.


Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a brilliant app that allows you to participate in a Scrabble-esque game with people from all over the world. You are partnered with other people in the game who you may not even know; it is purely based on each individual’s ability and what score they already have. If you’ve got a high score, you can be sure that you’ll be matched with someone whose score is just as high as yours! However, there is the chance to play solo too, so if you want a little less competition, that option is available.


World Flags Championship

In true ‘Fun with Flags’ style, a la The Big Bang Theory, this game presents you with different flags from all over the world and four different options from where they could be from. You need to select which is the right country as fast as you can and get through as many as you can before the time is up. Better still, you can challenge other people to play against you and try and beat your score- things can get very heated!


Vera and John Casino

The Vera and John Casino app is another useful one to have on your phone if you have some time to spare. The mobile app is simply the mobile version of the online casino, so there is plenty of diverse games to choose from if you’re bored! This app is also great to play on when you have some time to kill, as it also allows you to make some extra cash!



9GAG is an app that everyone must have on their phones! It’s not a game that you play, but rather is an extensive collection of the most hilarious memes! More memes are added to the archives every single day, so there is plenty of them for you to scroll through and have a laugh at while you’re sat twiddling your thumbs!