How to Trade Bitcoin from your Couch

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that works on a strict napster-like network. Trading bitcoin is a highly lucrative business. In order to partake in this lucrative concept, you firstly need to install a bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile device. It would be easier to download a bitcoin wallet on your mobile as you are able to constantly check your bitcoin progress. Trading bitcoin is an extremely tricky and risky business, so-handle it should be handled with caution. Today, many people make money trading bitcoins, and can be said to become something of a part-time job.

The easiest way to get more bitcoin is to mine it (install Bitcoin mine software). Bitcoin trading is relatively new, exciting and original. Now you can download and install bitcoin on your mobile and monitor progress and changes anywhere at any time and at the same time, encourage more people to trade bitcoin in the hopes of growing your own bitcoin network. Bitcoin launched in 2009 but has grown in popularity to such an extent that one bitcoin is worth 773 USD, with the certainty of growing to a limitless extent. What is great about the bitcoin system is that it is a made-up currency, strung-up from thin air that works in favour of the people (the people being ordinary folks, like you, wanting to make more money) and is not susceptible to the government’s shortcomings such as economic collapse, hence the disgustingly grotesque, recession period.  The software is encrypted to prevent fake imitations, telling scammers to stuff off.

Trading Bitcoin

Acquiring bitcoin is easy. You may acquire bitcoins by accepting them as payment for services rendered, exchanging them for solid currency or mining them as you would gold. Mining bitcoins is a tricky business as you have to solve mathematic problems to acquire bitcoins (talk about working hard for your much-deserved money). Although the currency is solid, its chances of fluctuating is dependent on it its network of users and banks do get robbed by the occasional hacker. Other than the few mishaps, the system is an easy way of making bitcoins with help or independently.

BITSTAMP is a reliable site for you to trade bitcoins as you are aware of live trades and the current value of bitcoin. Transferring bitcoins requires you to set up an account with BITSTAMP, verify that account and deposit traditional money into your account. Once the transaction is verified, you are allowed to buy and trade bitcoins.  COINBASE is another reliable site for you to trade bitcoins with the perks of freedom to make as much bitcoins as you possibly can- I prefer this site as there is a lot of freedom involved. There are more steps for setting up an account on COINBASE. Once you have set up an account and verified it, you can start trading bitcoins. Bitcoin exchange may be done anywhere, including the comfort of your couch. You may also sell stuff in exchange for bitcoins as it’s a great way of removing clutter and making money at the same time. Remember to stick to safe bitcoin trading sites.